Your Sound, Your Brand, in the palm of your customer’s hand

Soundisc is an innovative electronic device that allows an organization to connect with customers through a physical and digital connection. Soundisc connects in three (3) discrete ways:

1.  Visual brand presence – place company/team logo, symbol, or picture on the device;

2.  Sound clip – play a company tagline, music clip, or commercial message; and

3.  Online messaging – automatically connect to a web destination thru built-in USB connector.

The device is slim, fits in the palm of your hand, and is very durable. Inside the device are three core items: a speaker, a printed circuit board (PCB), and a lithium battery. The PCB consists of three (3) proprietary chips:

1.  USB controller chip to allow for instant access to a web site;

2.  Speech chip, allowing for the recording and playback of sound; and

3.  Serial flash clip, allowing for the storage of sound.

Easy to use

When a user holds the device, he depresses the sound button and can listen to a 15 to 30 second voice message or company sound clip. Upon insertion of the USB into the PC, the firmware controlling the USB chip automatically launches a website where the user can see specific information linked to that device. The URL is pre-loaded on the device, eliminating the user from having to enter keystrokes. The information presented to the user comes from content provided by the Company/Organization that ordered the devices.

The device has read/write capabilities. Sound messages, and even new URL links, can be written to the memory of the device providing a new experience with each insertion.


Because each Soundisc device has a unique device ID, or serial number, usage can be tracked so that the provider can view how often the user has inserted the device, what content has been viewed, and how they have interacted with the website content.

Because the provider of the device can request user subscription and log-in, such as is the case with social networking sites today, the device promotes the building of email addresses and a database of users who can be communicated to over time.

Soundisc Closed Soundisc Open Soundisc Transparent