Customize your Soundisc

Soundisc has hundreds, if not thousands, of use cases. This flexibility allows the Company to build the perfect product for almost any idea you can dream up.

A few examples include:

Corporate Promotions.

Event planners can hand out a Soundisc with Company logo, Company sound (tagline), and an automatic connection to a web destination where product, reports, or marketing messages can be presented to a user. Perfect for trade shows and conferences (Auto shows, Technology conferences, Trade shows, etc.). The device eliminates the need to print, ship and to manage paper marketing materials. Printed materials are static, time-sensitive, and have a limited shelf life.

Sports Leagues and Individual Franchises.

Promotional item at a sports event where everyone (or the first 10,000 to show up) get a Soundisc device. For logo placement, the team could put branding on the front and back of the device including a team logo, a specific player’s picture, a league logo, or even a corporate sponsor (NIKE, Adidas, Coca Cola, etc.). The sound clip could be a team song, a radio call of a famous play, or a message from a player. The web address could take the fan to a site for additional ticket sales, a replay of the game they attended, or build a mailing list for team news and promotions.

Soundisc can be viewed as a collectible device. Children and adults could collect Soundisc devices and trade them to their friends the same way that kids collect and trade baseball cards. Teams can drive repeat visits and loyalty for team products similar to the beanie babies and bobble-head dolls. Create additional buzz and contests to collect all Soundiscs in a series (top 5 athletes or have commemorative hall of fame devices).

College Football Program—Booster Club.

Hand out or sell Soundisc at a big game, in campus bookstores, or at fundraising events. Use case includes putting the school logo on front, fight song plays when pressed, and web destination for attracting donations to the program when inserted into a PC or MAC. The web destination could include highlight reels for the team’s games, special access to a game film, or a landing page for soliciting donations to the program. (See example)

Political Campaigns

Politicians are in perpetual fundraising mode and getting their message out to their constituents. Campaign directors, the political party, or a political action committee (PAC) could use Soundisc as a way to raise money and connect with registered voters through an innovative device. Supporters receive a device with the campaign logo, a sound clip /message from the politician seeking office, and an automatic link to the campaign website when plugged into a computer. Instead of sending out hundreds of thousands of mailers each year, with no way of tracking whether they were read or thrown out, Soundisc can provide the tracking necessary to show that the message has been delivered and heard. And with Soundisc, a new message can be delivered each time a user plugs Soundisc back into their USB port. Try doing that with a bulk mailer.

University Annual Fund Campaign

Raise money and connect with alums through an innovative device. University groups that solicit donations from alumni can use Soundisc as a creative way of communicating with the alumni network. Alums receive a device with the school logo, a sound clip / message from the Dean, and an automatic link to a campaign website when plugged into computer.

Bands and Musicians

Soundisc is a great device to give away or sell to fans at concerts and performances. It will include the band name/logo on the front, a sound clip of most popular song when the sound button is pressed, and a website address where fans can buy a recording of the show they attended or the latest release. Bands will find this approach much easier and more cost effective than selling CDs at their shows. It can also establish a fan base through registration similar to Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

Greeting Cards

Buy a greeting card and personalize it with a voice message or music clip of your choice. Insert Soundisc in computer that automatically takes the user to their music management program (e.g. iTunes). On-screen wizard helps the user create a 15 to 30 second sound clip from their song of choice. Wizard also helps them select a URL where receiver can access online pictures, a video clip, or other content. Device is read/write, so the person receiving the Soundisc can create his or her own message and forward to another person.

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