Greeting Cards

Buy a greeting card and personalize it with a voice message or music clip of your choice. Insert Soundisc into a computer that automatically takes the user to their music management program (e.g. iTunes). An on-screen Wizard helps the user create a sound clip from their song or voice message of choice. The editing Wizard also helps users select a URL where the recipient can access online pictures, a video clip, or other content. The device is read/write, so the person receiving Soundisc can create his or her own message and forward Soundisc to another person creating a viral greeting card.

Soundisc Closed Soundisc Open Soundisc Transparent

It’s time to rethink engagement. Soundisc offers a personal, trackable experience that’s unique to your brand.

Customize your Soundiscs or Contact us to learn more about how Soundisc can be used for your industry. Also, take a look at our use cases.

Corporate Promotional Items

Bring promotional swag to a whole new level with a custom corporate jingle and auto-loading web site with tracking and analytics.

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Greeting Cards

Add a personal touch to your greetings by loading Soundisc with a favorite song or tune. Share memories with a custom USB-loaded web site.

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Bands and Musicians

Soundisc is perfect for musical artists looking to upload their tunes into a portable, distributable device. Learn More