Soundisc brings together a talented team of entrepreneurs, design engineers, business development professionals, and a world-class manufacturing / fulfillment partner. Over the past year, Joshua Kaplan has worked with experts in a variety of fields to make Soundisc a viable new product and business venture.

Joshua Kaplan, Founder and CEO

Josh is a serial entrepreneur with deep experience and passion for introducing new products to the mobile and music industries, and significant experience in the prosecution of patents covering his inventions. Over the past four years, he generated over $4.5M in revenue from royalties associated with his inventions. His passion for innovative music delivery spurred his idea to create Soundisc.

Complementing Josh’s entrepreneurial DNA is core experience in high tech research and investment analysis. Josh has long-standing relationships in the high technology market through several years as an Analyst with Gartner Group. After Gartner, Josh worked for Robertson Stephens, where he focused on technology stocks and developed a keen understanding of what it takes to produce superior financial results for institutional investors.

Chris Myers
Financial adviser and corporate development consultant

Chris is a finance and investment professional with direct operating experience in early-stage ventures. Chris advises several technology ventures on areas including strategy, startup operations, business planning, and raising capital. Chris is a Stanford MBA with venture capital, private equity and Goldman Sachs investment banking experience. For the past eight years, Chris has been working directly with technology-driven ventures in a variety of operating roles including business development and sales operations.

Design and Manufacturing Partners

JL World
Shenzhen, China

The team at JL World has been instrumental in the design of Soundisc and offers a turn-key service for commercial production. They are actively involved in sourcing components and advising the Company on how to drive down the cost of production over time.

With over 20 years of experience in research and manufacturing, JL World is a leading provider for advanced acoustic components and solutions. Based in Hong Kong, JL World receives high-quality component parts at very low prices through the world’s highest volume handling airport and seaport. Manufacturing plants are located in China (Shenzhen, Shandong and Jiangsu). Customer service and U.S. sales are handled out of a Chicago office.

Larry Polyak, VP Engineering
Microsystems Development Technologies (MSD)

MSD is one of the leading toy electronics developers in CA. Clients include Mattel, Leapfrog, Tyco, Fisher-Price, and Hasbro. ( Larry has been involved over the past 9 months in designing Soundisc. Areas where Larry and MSD have contributed to Soundisc include: 1) PCB layout to comply with mechanical design; 2) breadboard design; and 3) firmware design - speech chip.

Michael Liebowitz, Structural & Industrial designer
Solid Design

Michael provides advice on the entire product layout, performs 3-D CAD work and product renderings for operations and sales efforts.

Jacky Chen, Design Engineer
General Plus (

General Plus has contributed to the design of the product and will supply the USB Bridge Controller Chip for the device. General Plus Technology, founded in 2004, provides IC design & system application technology services using the “custom designed approach” which provides top products and service to meet customers’ needs. General Plus uses core technology such as single-chip m controller and digital signal processor technologies to develop hundreds of products including LCD IC, m controller IC, Speech IC, Music Synthesizer, Tel-Communication IC, Remote controller IC, Driver IC and ASICs.

Austin Liu
Berkamin Design Studio

Web site development

Matt Brown, Marketing and Product Positioning
Founder, Big Boing

Matt has consulted to the Company since its early days and brings terrific energy and marketing insights to Soundisc. Matt has deep experience in introducing and marketing innovative learning products, especially consumer electronics. Matt helped shape the Soundisc iconic design and overall product positioning.

Matt is President of Klutz Publishing, and SVP of Scholastic. He is a co-founder and on the board of Managers for big BOING where he was the Play Czar for 7+ years. Before starting big BOING, Matt was part of the LeapFrog senior management team where he served as VP of Business Development and co-founded and led the Internet Division, helping LeapFrog become a leading educational toy company. Matt innovated and co-invented dozens of products and brand platforms that ultimately generated over $100MM of revenues during his time at the company. Additionally, he spearheaded new business initiatives internationally and domestically, creating strategic partnerships in Japan, S. Korea and the U.S. that generated over $50MM in annual revenues.

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